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A stay at Casa Contenta in Cabo San Lucas is all about rediscovering yourself and rejunvenating your mind and spirit. Many of our clients have asked us about developing a health and fitness program to enhance their next stay with us taking it from an opportunity to rejuvenate the mind and spirit to an opportunity to rejuvenate the body as well. We searched for the right program, one that would compliment our popular Bed & Breakfast Inn's relaxing and restorative environment.
Well, we found it!

RenewaL has partnered with us in the creation of our newest getaway offering – a proven European Health, Lifestyle and Weight Loss program that's designed to take your vacation from a short break away from the hustle and bustle of life to a life-changing health and fitness retreat designed to change the way your body looks and feels… with lasting results!

The trainers and nutritionist's who created RenewaL see health as a personal journey for the individual, and it is important to find the right path for each individual who takes part in the program. With a broad range of holistic and natural treatments, they are well placed to meet your specific needs. Luxurious European Retreat Philosophies combined with proven European concepts of Health, Lifestyle & Weight Loss, allow our guests to leave firmer, slimmer & more relaxed.


The ANSWER to your weight problem lies within. Lifelong weight control comes from a balanced and satisfying lifestyle, not from mere food restrictions. It’s about stress reduction, lifestyle changes, re-education and genuine support from people who understand exactly what you are going through.
The experts at RenewaL pioneered the use of psychological concepts and lifestyle change to transform the eating habits of overweight people. The foundation of their philosophy is that overeating is fuelled by forces much more complex than appetite alone.

The Renewal approach to individual success is founded on the fundamental tenets of healthy behavior. The focus is on transforming eating and exercise habits and providing an environment to educate and support each client, one on one, in accepting personal responsibility for change. The program defines success through enhanced quality of life, not just lower numbers on the scale. Simply put, it is an experience that clients find both rewarding and rejuvenating.



We offer our guests 4 & 7 days of professional European Retreat Therapy programs encompassing health, fitness and nutrition. Having a maximum of 6 guests per week assures each one of highly individualized and personal attention. All activities take place within the tranquil setting of The Renewal within the confines of Casa Contenta's unique architecture and desert oasis landscapes.


Your day begins with an invigorating walk or hike that is followed by a nourishing breakfast. Classes on the hour are arranged for optimal results, alternating aerobics, body contouring, stretching. Classes vary daily. After a healthy lunch, you will participate in scheduled workshops, interspersed with peaceful pursuits such as Yoga and Meditation. Dinner begins at 6.00pm. Evenings are spent either meeting with friends or retiring to the comfort and privacy of your luxuriously appointed rooms, relaxed and complete.

There really is a better way to get leaner and healthier than you ever imagined possible and YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT ALONE. At The Renewal, you will find helpers on the way to guide, encourage and comfort you, so that you never feel lost or out of control. That’s the essence of The Renewal – planned changes that build physical health and emotional renewal.

Renewal Cabo Health, Fitness, Lifestlye Vacation

Our Health, Fitness & Lifestyle partners at RenewaL Cabo handle the booking of your retreat and we'll also work with them to coordinate all the details to ensure that your your getaway is all that you hoped for and more!
Remember, you can participate in the Renewal Program, whilst your partner/spouse does not, as he/she prefers to sun-tan, read, golf and go fishing - we tailor the vacation-experience to your needs!!

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